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This website, The SEO Hero, is dedicated to all of the hardworking Las Vegas search engine optimization (SEO) professionals out there. We’ll be adding bios and advice from the most famous Las Vegas SEO experts over the next few months. Please reach out to us here if you’d like to contact an SEO professional in Las Vegas.

What is an “SEO Hero?”

Simply put, an SEO Hero is a search engine optimization professional that is dedicated to improving the quality of search for all.

Who are “SEO Heroes?”

We define an SEO Hero as someone that is making a difference in the quality of search results.

All too often the quality of this profession is determined by years in the business. Unfortunately that just doesn’t adequately determine who should be considered a hero. That’s why we came up with new criteria!

Our criteria for determining an SEO Hero:

  • Knowledge: the ideal candidate understands the ins and outs of SEO, this means they understand what is considered “black hat” or “white hat” and abides by the webmaster guidelines set by the search engines
  • Ethics: the SEO Hero follows ethical principles, and does not break these ethics just to increase a website’s ranking
  • Time: we prefer to think of this in way that doesn’t exclude people just because they haven’t been doing SEO since the web was created, but rather the ideal candidate has been doing it long enough to make a difference
  • Experience: the ideal candidate has worked on optimizing multiple websites, and has experience with websites providing high quality content, and getting a minimum of 1,000+ visits to a website per month

What do SEOs do?

Here’s a great answer from Moz.

Should you hire an “SEO Hero?”

Here’s a a good answer from Google.

Who do we recommend as an “SEO Hero?”

On this site we’re going to post our favorite SEO Heroes. Please stay tuned and we’ll post our updates here!

Our Favorite SEO Hero: Neil Patel!

Who is Neil Patel?
When Neil Patel was just two years old, the London-born toddler’s parents immigrated to Orange County in Southern California. His parents instilled in him a strong work ethic and his many self-employed uncles provided him with entrepreneurial examples. Both of these influences would greatly affect Patel’s future in business.

Inspired by a cousin who sold burned music compact discs to his classmates, Patel began doing the same with cable black boxes he bought in bulk on Ebay. His business was successful, but he was concerned about the legal ramifications of what he was doing. Patel soon realized there was more legitimate money to be made in reselling the after-market accessories his classmates often added to their cars, so he obtained a reselling permit and began doing just that. After a while, Patel felt he needed a more steady income and secured a job cleaning up after guests at Knott’s Berry Farm. Eventually, he began selling Kirby vacuum cleaners but Patel’s entrepreneurial spirit never faded.

While searching for his next job, Patel realized that the real opportunity was not to be found in any of the open positions listed on the website but rather in the business model Monster was using to make millions of dollars. A short amount of time and $5,000 later, Patel had created his own internet job board called Advice Monkey. He knew he had to market the site, but the internet marketing companies with whom he worked were unsuccessful in generating the necessary traffic. Patel was so frustrated about the money he had wasted that he decided to learn internet marketing himself. He successfully did so, but Advice Monkey ultimately did not make money because the site was not set up to accept credit card transactions. Like a true entrepreneur, Patel learned from this experience and moved on to the next challenge.

Still a teenager, Patel decided he needed to obtain his college degree and immediately started taking classes at the local community college. Fate struck once again when an assignment in his Speech 101 class led to a job offer as an internet marketing consultant for Elpac Electronics. Patel secured a $3,500 per month consulting contract and soon started his own internet marketing company with his brother-in-law. The company became extremely successful, but it was his new startups that were Patel’s real passion. He and his business partner soon started Crazy Egg, an SaaS analytics tool that helps customers figure out where their potential clients are clicking and why they are leaving without converting into sales. Hello Bar and KISSmetrics soon followed, and Patel began to garner significant recognition in the business and internet marketing worlds.

Besides earning the praise of highly regarded business publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Entrepreneur Magazine, Patel has been recognized by President Obama and the United Nations as one of the top young entrepreneurs in the world. He even received the honor of Congressional Recognition awarded by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Runner Up For Our Favorite SEO Hero: Brian Dean!

Who is Brian Dean?
Search engine optimization is a key facet of internet marketing in the 21st century. Businesses that wish to separate themselves from the competition face a conundrum of sorts: they can either invest massive amounts of time in learning how search engines work and operate, or they can pay for professional help in breaking down the formulas and algorithms that are keeping them from cracking the front pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

That’s where Brian Dean, the founder of search marketing tip site Backlinko, comes in. Dean is an expert in several aspects of internet marketing, including traffic generation, lead generation and search mechanisms. Backlinko helps companies improve their online presence and increase the reach of their internet marketing schemes. Reaching customers online has never been easier, but in order to take advantage of the opportunities supplied by the internet, you must first understand them. Backlinko can help there too.

Brian Dean and his team have created a proven SEO system that gives marketers and entrepreneurs practical advice for beating search engines at their own game. They send these tips out for free to anyone who signs up for the email newsletter on their website, and by doing so have satisfied many customers from coast to coast. Dean’s client base is consistently expanding through outreach programs like these.

Dean’s work has been featured in several national publications, including Forbes magazine, Enterpreneur online and Quicksprout. He and his company have risen impressively through the SEO ecosystem to become one of the foremost internet marketing gurus on the web. Dean is able to outperform his competition by providing busy founders and CEOs with concrete information and easily understandable steps that can help them instantly improve their traffic levels.

Good SEO involves being proficient in a number of different fields. Technical SEO, content vetting, and link building are just a few of the strategies that marketers should master in order to harness the full power of search engines. Brian Dean and Backlinko are certainly not the only internet marketing savants out there, but you can’t argue with results: Dean has steadily built Backlinko from the ground up while traveling through diverse countries such as Thailand, Turkey and Spain. Understanding how different segments of the world interact with the internet is important to understanding how user experience is at once local, regional and global.

This local focus and global ambition informs Brian Dean’s work at Backlinko. The internet is a maze of interconnected sites and linkages, and companies can only flourish by taking advantage of these linkages. CEOs and founders of companies do not have time to learn the ins and outs of SEO themselves. There are too many bases to cover, and too many important pieces that can slip through the cracks. Brian Dean and Backlinko provide a necessary service for these harried entrepreneurs, more and more of whom are realizing the value of an SEO expert to their online marketing strategy. As successful as Backlinko has been, this is only the beginning for Brian Dean.

One Of The Best SEO Heroes: Danny Sullivan!

Who is Danny Sullivan?
Danny Sullivan played an important part in the creation and development of both SEO and SEM. In 1997 he started Search Engine Watch shortly after he wrote A Webmaster’s Guide to Search Engines that was published in 1996. Search Engine Watch was a website containing tips for getting the best search engine results. Sullivan then sold the website to MecklerMedia, now JupiterMedia. Sullivan was hired to maintain and manage the site which he founded and where he was named the editor-in-chief.
Search Engine Watch, the website created and being managed by Sullivan was sold in 2002. The buyer was IncisiveMedia, and the price was $43 million. Many people in the SEO and SEM industry have considered Search Engine Watch as an indispensable source for the entire industry and his book A Webmaster’s Guide to Search Engines as the bible of SEO and SEM.
Sullivan currently hosts Search Engine Strategies, a series of conferences attracting thousands of attendees. These industry conferences are held six times each year.
Danny Sullivan was born in 1965 in California and graduated from the University of California, Irvine. He began his early career as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times and the Orange County Register. He married Lorna Harris and spent several years in a small village in England. Sullivan then moved back to the United States of America and settled in Newport Beach, Cal. It was there with his wife and two children that he began his influential career in the SEO and SEM industry and where he was able to make a huge and lasting impact. He currently is editing Search Engine Land, a website in the SEO and SEM field.

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